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Who are you?
They/them/theirs :D

Hi! My name is Milo Ferguson, sometimes known online as Keetz, and I'm a background design artist and award-winning animator based in NYC. I have a full intro on my about page

What software/hardware do you use to make your art?

I use a combination of ToonBoom Harmony and Adobe After Effects to make my animations. I do storyboards in Storyboard Pro, my illustrations in either Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, or Photoshop. My graphics tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 16, and my computer is a custom windows PC. 

The stuff you use costs money, is there anything similar that's free/cheap?

Of course! If you animate on a computer, Krita is a free, easy, and open-source drawing and animation software. Blender is great too but's much harder to learn for beginners. If you don't want to get After Effects / Premiere Pro, I recommend DaVinci Resolve! It's totally free and already an industry-standard editing software, win-win.

If you animate on a phone or tablet, lots of people use Flipaclip or RoughAnimator to animate. I've never really used them myself but I've seen amazing work done with them by both my friends and artists I find on the internet.

Wacom tablets are pricey these days, so if you want a perfect beginner's drawing tablet, get a Huion Inspiroy. Still, the tablet you use doesn't really matter, so don't worry about choosing the right one. They all do the same thing.

No, please stop asking me!  
Can I use your work in a dataset for a stable diffusion engine / AI art? 
No thanks! I understand that this is somewhat out of my control as many datasets scrape the internet willy-nilly. But if you're specifically trying to replicate my style- maybe don't! If you'd like a piece of art in my style, just ask me about a commission. 
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