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Animated shorts

For more recent works not yet available to the public, request to view them by emailing

Business and portfolio inquiries only, please.

Jupiter & Europa

A lost astronaut breaks free of routine with someone who makes space feel -just a little warmer. 


SVA Sophomore Year Film


A girl causes a power outage in her light polluted city to see the stars with her best friend.


SVA Junior Year Collaborative Film.

Roles: Director, Writer, Compositor, Assistant BG Artist, Title Designer


My brother and I looking at the stars, he notices something I don't.


2020 SVA 48 Hour Film Lockdown Entry


An animated documentary about the lives of LGBTQ+ youth.


An animated documentary about the various lives and challenges of queer youth. 


2018 Film Project


A malfunctioning coffee machine is thrown off of a rocket, and he savors his final moments the only way he knows how. 


2017 Film Produced at New York Film Academy


A personal project about suicide, depression, and positivity.


2016 Personal Project

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